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Residential Bin washing for 2x bins

Season begins late April, and ends early October, weather permitting

Package A: Monthly - $15.00 (7 times per season) ------- ($105 per season)

Package B: Bi-Monthly - $16.25 (4 times per season) ---- ($65 per season)

Package C: Triple wash -  $18.33 (3 times per year) -------($55 per season)

One-Time Cleaning: $45.00

Packages are based on one garbage bin, and one recycling bin. Extra bins cost

an additional $7.50 per bin for each wash.

Go to Winnipeg's Recyling map to determine your garbage

pickup day.

Residential Driveways, Garage, Sidewalk Pressure Washing,

Residential Fences and Decks

Prices will be estimated on site.

All prices are based on a one year sign up and are subject to tax.